GUI.Label resizing my Texture2D?

Why would my 1024x768 Texture2D get scaled to 1018x765 when I display it though a GUI.Label? I import the texture as type “GUI”, leaving everything else default (Filter Mode = Bilinear, Wrap Mode = Clamp, Max Size = 1024, Format = Compressed). Then display it like this.

var testTex : Texture2D;
function OnGUI () {
  GUI.Label (Rect (0, 0, testTex.width, testTex.height), testTex);

It doesn’t reach to the top, right and bottom of the screen, both in the editor or the iPad. I come up with the 1018x765 numbers from a screen grab.

Thanks for any tips.

GUI.Label has margins by default. For drawing textures, use GUI.DrawTexture.