GUI Label Score Overlapping - Javascript

In my game, I have a score script which is attached to an object in my main game scene. I have it set so that when the player “dies” in the game it takes you to the game over screen and DOES NOT destroy the score so that you can see what your score was on game over. However, when the game restarts, the old score is still there and is overlapping over my brand new score. How can I fix this?

#pragma strict

var playerScore : int = 0;

var scoreStyle : GUIStyle;

function Start () {
	playerScore = 0;

function Update () {


function OnGUI () {
	if(Application.loadedLevel == 3) { //Game Level
		GUI.Label (new Rect(20,20,10,10), playerScore.ToString(), scoreStyle);
	if(Application.loadedLevel == 7) { //Game Over Screen
		GUI.Label(Rect(Screen.width/2, Screen.height/2, 10, 10), playerScore.ToString(), scoreStyle);



Use OnLevelWasLoaded() to reset to 0