GUI Label script problem???

hey guys,
i have got this script here, and what it does is: when i apply it to the player, and then drag a game object into the “objective” variable, it is meant to display the GUI Label for 5 seconds on the screen.
It all works fine if i don’t use the whole “timing” method, but just make it display for ever.
But as soon as i add the parts to make it so that it will only display for 5 seconds it won’t show up on screen.

private var ShowLabel : boolean = true;
    var objective : Transform;
    var style : GUIStyle;
    function Start()
    	yield WaitForSeconds(5);
               ShowLabel = false;
    function OnGUI()
    if (Vector3.Distance(transform.position, objective.position) < 3000){
                     GUI.Label(Rect(650, 650, 300, 50), "MY GUI TEXT", style);

There are no errors in the console, and as i said, it will work fine with the vector3.distance funtion with a normal GUI.Label, but with the timing it doesn’t appear.

can someone please tell me what i have done wrong…

any answers are greatly appreciated…



Your script looks fine, as long as objective is set in the inspector. My guess is that 650, 650 is off screen. Put it at 0,0 and give it a whirl.