GUI labels and text content disappear when building a project on iOS

Hi guys,

My project was working OK that the UI texts boxes are displayed properly when building the project on iOS - iPad. However when I updated my Mac machine to Yosemite and my iPad to 8.3, I cannot see the texts any more. Figure 1 shows the UI working fine on standalone editor, and however in Figure 2, they texts disappear

Figure 1

Figure 2

My machine is Mac Yosemite and I work on the Unity Pro 4.6, and iPad2 (OS v8.3)
Can you please help me with this?

Thank you.

The issue has to some extent been sorted out. It seems to be that the iOS 8.3 has got some incompatibilities with GUI Unity after building a project on. So, when I built my project on another iPad (iOS 7.0), it works fine.