GUI - Multiple windows/canvas? Advanced menu

Hello. I have a hella stupid question I believe, but after a few hours of searching I’ve still got nothing.

How to make a menu with a few “windows”? I mean, when I click (for example) “options” button I want current stuff disappear and window (frame) with game options appear. I know that can be done by using “SetActive(false)” on every button, but thats so uncomfortable, time-taking and primitive, I believe unity has some stuff associated to it.

I’ve watched all menu tutorials I’ve found, but they cover only the most basic stuff like buttons and so on. Thanks for any answers guys!

You can try it in the following method make two canvas in ugui

public Canvas canvas1;
public Canavas canvas2;

void start()
    canvas1.enabled = true;
    canvas2.enabled = false;


void NextMenu() //this function will will be added in click event of any button i-e onClick() option
    canvas1.enabled = false;
    canvas2.enabled = true;

you can add this code to any script attached.