GUI Not Showing up?

Okay, so when I make a GUI text, I fill the stuff in, then focus on the text, and nothing appears, but the arrows for moving it around. I try to resize it, but that doesn't work. I am making this for the iPhone menu screen. I also use Windows 7. Someone said i needed something 10 instead of 9. (I forget what) But IDK how to change it! Please help!

First of all, you shouldn't be modifying anything GUI in your scene view. You should be using the Inspector Panel for all of this, typing in values manually. GUITextures will not show in the Scene View unless you click the little Graph-like icon in the view's tool bar (next to the light) They are not selectable in-view though.

Unity currently lacks an intuitive 2D-Layer editor so this is the most reliable way of achieving what you want regardless of how tedious it may be.

As an example, in your top most menu bar, go to Game Object > Create Other > GUITexture

This will add a Unity Logo GUITexture to your scene.

From here, this is what you need to edit to achieve the positioning you want:

Inspector > Transform > X,Y,Z: X&Y are a value 0-1 which represents the percentage of the screen space (.5 being 50%, center of the screen). Z is your layering number in 2D space.

Inspector > GUITexture > PixelInset: A Rectangle (X,Y,Width,Height) representation of where on the screen you are drawing the texture.

If you notice with the Unity Logo, it is an pixel inset x of -64 and y of -29, this is half the width and half the height of the texture. Combine this with a Transform X and Y of .5 and you have a pixel-perfect centered image.

Use that as well as the Reference Manual to play around and get the hang of things.

Additionally, just an FYI if you didn't already know - you can't use the Windows version of Unity to make iPhone games - you need a Mac and Unity iPhone (Basic of Advanced) for the end result. This won't stop you from doing some work in your Windows version and then bringing the project over, however.



This was probably not your mistake, but google took me here for a similar query.

The physics layer matters when rendering GUI’s. So make sure your culling masks are set properly.