GUI object for every item in array?

Hi, for a Japanese class project, I’m working on an interactive quiz. One part of this quiz involves a series of 160 or so questions, so I was hoping to make an array of all the questions(which could later maybe be placed in a random order). Is there a way to create an individual GUI image and input field for each question using a for loop? The way I currently have it set up, all the fields show, but the user cannot type in the blank for their input because(I think) the for loop is called in OnGUI(), meaning it is constantly refreshed.

script ExecuteInEditMode()

var nameFieldString = "Your Name";
class kanji extends System.Object
var kanji : UnityEngine.Texture;
var meaning : String[];
var studentInput : String;
var num : int;

var allKanji : kanji[];

function OnGUI () {
	nameFieldString = GUI.TextField (Rect (15, 15, 125, 25), nameFieldString);
	// iterate through the array
for (var currentKanji in allKanji) {
GUI.Box (Rect (15 +(currentKanji.num * Screen.width/30) + (currentKanji.num * Screen.width/6), 50, Screen.width/6,75), (currentKanji.kanji));
currentKanji.studentInput = GUI.TextField (Rect (15 +(currentKanji.num * Screen.width/30) + (currentKanji.num * Screen.width/6), 130, Screen.width/6, 25), "");

You aren’t putting the value of currentKanji.studentInput into the TextField (hence anything they type is not seen!)

You need to do the same as your nameFieldString.

currentKanji.studentInput = GUI.TextField (
    Rect (15 +(currentKanji.num * Screen.width/30) + 
    (currentKanji.num * Screen.width/6),
    Screen.width/6, 25),