GUI objects magenta square issue

I was making a simple game in Unity including GUI elements like Image, Button and Text. It worked fine on many devices so I published the game from beta to the play store. But some people have encountered with this magenta square issue where all the GUI elements are spooky. This happened in an LG leon with an Adreno 305 gpu. Any tips?

This could happen when your mobile’s chip is not handling the Texture requirements.
Make sure your textures/sprites are not big and CPU hungry.
If your texture size is set to something like 2560x265 , make sure you change it to something smaller like 1240x256 or even smaller depending on your present size. Also make sure format is 16-Bit.
Best of luck!

The magenta color usually indicates that the used shader isn’t supported on the current platform and the shader doesn’t have a simple fallback shader. What shader do you use for the GUI? I guess you use the new GUI system?