GUI performance

I’ve been using OnGUI in my games previously, but I’ve read that its performance is terrible on mobile. I’m starting to make a mobile game now, so I need to know.

What’s the performance difference of OnGUI, GUI Text/Texture, NGUI, and the new Unity GUI system?
What’s best to use for mobile?

I’ve got NGUI when it was on offer but then new 4.6 UI came out, I understand it partly based on NGUI. Anyway never got round to using NGUI.

I’ve been using the new 4.6 UI as a replacement for the OnGUI stuff which I never really got to grips with. OnGUI did have massive performance issues though.

The new UI seems fine, it takes a different way of doing things so less scripted more manual creating canvases/panels, but I prefer it and does seem faster.

I’m working on Android if that helps.

That said this is probably going to get better results being asked on the forum rather than Answers.

As far as i know, OnGUI is actually a loop, it runs all the time.
In any case, the 4.6UI is easy to setup and use and depending on how you’ll use it, then it’s fine.