GUI Problem - Complete newbie in need of help

I have a GUI with a number of 2D textures that are swapped in and out with 'if' statements. I also have a number of Game object GUI textures, however, the 2D textures always show on top of the Game Object GUI textures, whereas I really need the latter to be on top. I've messed about with the camera and had a look at layers (but not certain these are meant to layer images on top of each other). Still can't seem to put the 2D textures in the background. I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If by "GUI with a number of 2D textures" you mean OnGUI functions, then it's not possible, OnGUI always draws on top of everything. In order to layer GUI stuff you need everything in OnGUI or nothing.

Hi John,

You can put a 2d texture in the background with some tricks and/or scripts,

If you want a static background, then go for

if you want more flexibility and easier modifications, then go for