GUI Problem

Hello, I am creating a main menu in Unity. I have one problem. Every time I add a text it moves around when I enlarge the screen. So I need GUI. Other problem, I have no idea how to. So if you could please just direct me to a good place to learn GUI in either JavaScript or C# would be great. All I really need though is to make it so my text don’t move around when the screen size changes. Thanks.


Before full screen:

Full Screen:

I want to make it so that no matter if it’s full screen or any other size screen the text looks like it does in the full screen mode. As you can see it doesn’t right now.

Reading the Unity Docs really helps. Most of the questions here can get answered by a simple link to them:
Just like this one

For this type of problem you must use Screen.width and Screen.height
First better to set the transform position x,y,z to 0 , and position the guiText with pixelOffset.

create a javascript file (or C#) and call guiController.js

public var myGUIText:GUIText;
private var myStyle:GUIStyle; // 
private var sizeOfLabel:Vector2; // since you don't know size of your text

function Start()
   sizeOfLabel = myStyle.CalcSize(new GUIContent(labelTextHere));
   myGUIText.pixelOffset.x = Screen.width/2 - sizeOfLabel.x/2; // Center to Screen 
   myGUIText.pixelOffset.y = Screen.height/2;

to use this script, you can simply create an empty game object, and name it gui_ControllerObject, attach this script to the this object, now drag your GUIText to the public variable myGUIText.

Try this and leave comments for questions since I wrote it directly here…