GUI question and answer Menu

hello all,

just want to say resident evil 5 is of the chain. been playing it all night long.
well, any who.
I have a scene with 2 cameras. One pointing at a screen, and the other at a 3d object tat is being displayed on camera 1.
i want to add a multiple choice question and answers in the white area on the lower half.

never really made a menu like it before. What is the best approach. there are around 10 questions. each question there will be timed for about 30 sec or so.
Do i use GUI for this or 3d text?[4836-screen+shot+2012-11-09+at+10.35.53+am.png|4836]

Simple answer: GUI
Never use 3D text for anything non stationary, unless you are able to write your own GUI library for 3D text…