GUI.RepeatButton triggers every time mouse moves over it

Hello, community.

I’m currently using v4.6.0b17 and i’ve found a curious behaviour towards RepeatButton: when i click on it and move my mouse over button, it behaves like if i would click on it every time i move my mouse.

Is it a bug of v4.6.0b17 or just a new behaviour? I don’t remember this button was acting like that.

Here’s a useless piece of code:

if(GUI.RepeatButton(new Rect(Screen.width * 0.78f, Screen.height - Screen.width * 0.11f, Screen.width * 0.1f, Screen.width * 0.1f), "", attackbutton)) {
				attacked = true;
				attacked = false;

4.6.1 is out, 4.6 is out of beta, old GUI is now considered legacy.

Why haven’t you updated?

Why aren’t you using the new UI system, particularly if you downloaded the beta of 4.6?