GUI scripting or GUI.texture component?

Please can anyone advise some experience about using GUI component over GUI scripting in OnGUI()? I'm quite confused when it is good to use one over another.. Please provide some theoretical examples of use both of them or their respective combination..

In short: GUITexture is the old GUI system the GUI and GUILayout classes are the new system :D

I never was a friend of GUITexture but in some cases it's easier to show something on the screen without the need of a script. When it comes to a bit more complex GUIs i would always use the GUI classes. I also don't like the GUI functions because you need to specify every single position and size. I use GUILayout for almost everything ;) You have the same functionality but with auto positioning.

If you really think that it's too complicated maybe try out Neodrop's Antares Vizio. AFAIK it's not for free, but it's really a powerful unity extension.