GUI shifting positions after switching scenes on mobile


I’m currently working on a mobile AR application for android using vuforia. Currently, the main part of the application in one scene while the AR camera is on another scene. On the first run, the application works fine with all the GUI in place. However, after the AR scene is loaded and I load back the main part of the application, some of the GUI are shifted out of the mobile screen. However, the position of the GUI indicates that it is within the screen resolution boundaries. After adding a new GUI button to the scene that resets all the position of all the GUI, all the GUI now appears on the screen. However, it seems that I have to press this button to reset the GUI and cannot call the exact same function in the start function when loading the scene.

The current plugins that I am using are iTween and Vuforia AR plugin.

Is your GUI moved or rotated out of the mobile screen? Are you using some of the Vuforia sample GUIs?

I remember that in at least one of the Vuforia GUIs there is a call

 GUIUtility.RotateAroundPivot(..., ...);

Perhaps your GUI is affected by that.