GUI Text changes color to green / Possible 4.6.1 bug?

Is this a known bug or I’m doing something wrong?

I create new Text, set color to white. When I launch the game, text goes green and stays green also in Editor. Also when I try to change color to another is green tinted so it’s not possible to change color at all.

When I reload projet the situation is repeating.


Someone with the similar issue?

Ok, I was able to find the problem. Hopefully this is also the solution for your problem. In my code I setted the new color wrongly.

I got this strange behaviour when I setted something like:

text.material.color =;

This ends up I have to reload the complete project (restart of unity) to get rid of the strange black to green problem.

The solution is to set directly the color of the text.

text.color =;

is this in a GUI Box? if so do you by chance have GUI.color set to because that will change the color of the font in the box or any other GUI. if thats the case you might wanna make a GUISkin, in there you can adjust the font color.

Guys, I’ve fixed it by changing fonts a few times, after that it disappears.