GUI text / color

This is so easy yet it's driving me crazy... I have my GUI text field all setup so I can type in it. The problem is I want it so when I press enter the text that I typed will appear on my GUI text I have setup. I'm not sure how to refrence other text fields though.

My GUI text is called "playersaytext" which has my script for my text field included as well. Just need to know how to refence it. something like

if( press enter ) {

playersaytext.GUItext = mystring;

//clear text field box


My other question was simply how do you change the color of basic gui text ?

if (Input.GetKeyDown("Enter"))
  playersaytext.GUItext.text = mystring;

For color, look into GUIStyle

didn't work. says it can't find playersaytext even though the text is labeled that