gui text iPhone

I have gui text in my game which looks fine when I run unity on my PC. However when I import the game to iPhone, the gui text scales down for some reason. Any idea how to fix that ?


You are probably viewing the game at a different resolution on your pc. Under the Game tab make sure the drop down is set to 960x640/640x960 for iphone 4 or 480x320/320x480 for iphone 3 and under.Then in Edit>Project Settings>Player>Other Settings, set Target Resolution to Native. Finally, stretch out your viewport in unity so you can see the entire game screen. This should fix your issue. If it does not please report back with more information.

Hey i used to have the same problem, for some reason the iPhone dose not understand the default font in the a GUI style,

I downloaded my own font and changed its settings for font size and it worked fine! you just have to make a GUIStyle and add in the font, the font size is in the inspector settings for the font you downloaded. And ta da i had a large font that worked on the iPhone!

hope this helps