GUI text label using variable values and text

Hey all, just a quickie.

i have a score collector that 'collects' through out each level scores, achievements etc.

it is stored until the last scene were the GUI will display all this;

my questions is how do i make my labels or text display and do math functions, like... you see: "5 power ups X 100 points = 500"

var Collector: GameObject;

function Start () {
Collector = GameObject.Find("Collector"); 

And on the function OnGui i'd like to do this;

GUI.Label (Rect (10, 10, 100, 20), "Tackled '+tackledamount' X DO MULTIPLY by 100 = "answer" ");

... yeh that looks terrible.. but i want it to end up on screen as;

"Tackled X times 100 points = X"

... and the values i want to grab from the script "Collector"... so i dont know how to take those value and use them in this GUI script or how to do the math on them on the gui?


Use the right syntax and it should work as you want it:

GUI.Label(Rect(10,10,100,20),"Tackled "+Collector.TackledAmount+" times  100 points = "+Collector.TackledAmount*100);