GUI text not showing up

I see a lot of people are having this problem, but even after trawling around through every resource i could find this is still escaping me (which is frustrating because i’m sure its something SO simple.)

In my project the GUI text has been renamed “readout”, in the transform the X, and Y positions are set to .5, Z to 5, the rotation is the default 0,0,0 but ive tried rotating everything 90 degrees just in case. the scale has been variable from 0-1000. the GUI text is not a child of any objects, though i have attached it to objects to see if it would work. the GUI layer is checked in the maincamera settings. the color is set to black on a light yellow background. it has a single script attached, this is the code.

#pragma strict
public var fuel = 300.0f;
public var lifeSupport = 1000.0f;
public var readout : GUIText;

function Start () {


function Update () {
readout.text = "Life Support: " + lifeSupport + " | Fuel: " + fuel;

what crazily simple thing am i missing? if anyone can even refer me to a resource where this is already answered very helpfully and concisely that would be fantastic.

and where is GUI.TextField() ?

You may want to try placing it in a GUI.Label to print it to the screen. That should provide a non-edited text field.