Gui.textfeild not being able to write to it

Im am trying to write to a text field in the game but when i run it the textfiled will not let me write anything into via the key board. Am I supposed to set up every key input or something like that?

The tutorial did not mention anything like that
Thanks for any help

The text field shows up but I cant write to either of thme

		remoteIP = GUI.TextField(Rect(120, 10, 100, 20), "RemoteIP");
		remotePort = parseInt(GUI.TextField(Rect(230, 10, 40, 20), remotePort.ToString()));

You have to use the remoteIP variable inside the TextField function. Right now you’re continuously assigning “RemoteIP” to the string so it can never be anything else. Also I’d recommend disabling unwanted characters for the textfield (see here) rather than relying on parseInt, which will fail with non-numeric input, and even TryParse isn’t ideal for this.