GUI Texture in toolbar (C#)

Hi I’m trying to set up a toolbar with images as buttons.
But I’m struggling, I think with the array statement: I get error CS0236: A field initializer cannot reference the nonstatic field, method or property ‘myGUI.buttonNumber’ for each button.

Here’s my code:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class myGUI: MonoBehaviour {

public Texture2D button1;
public Texture2D button2;

public int myToolbar = 0;

public Texture[] toolbarIcons = new Texture[] {button1, button2};

void OnGUI(){

myToolbar = GUI.Toolbar (new Rect (100,100,100,100), myToolbar, toolbarIcons);

if (GUI.changed) {

Do as it says and don’t initialize the array of toolbarIcons in an initializer - set them in Awake instead.