GUI Texture & Main Camera Issue

I’m very new to unity, so forgive me if I don’t describe things perfectly. I have been playing around with unity for a few weeks and was working on a mobile app. I created a title screen, added some buttons, created a background and then added a GUITexture with a .png file. Everything seemed to be working fine, I then tried to do some camera fading with the screenswipe.js and crossfade. I was starting to understand it; however noticed that now my GUITexture wasn’t displaying anymore. I figured this was from me playing around with some scripts that i had made, and started to back track to understand how I broke it, i removed almost everything I did however my GUITexture still does not show up at all.

The only thing I have sort of figured out is when I change the object to a different specific layer that I created for the background image, it does display, though it is streteched obscenely.

I have no idea what I did to prevent my main camera from displaying GUITextures, any help would be wonderful.


The positioning of GUITextures can be a bit of a nightmare. Think of the screen as being a unit square, so x and y vary from 0…1. The middle of the screen is then 0.5,0.5. The X and Y components of the transform are used to position the GUITexture. Then the X and Y components of the scale are used. I can’t readily explain in words what affect they have. An X and Y scale of 1 seems to make the texture fill the screen. I’m 100% sure, if you have added a GUIComponent to your Camera, that its transform is positioning the GUITexture in some weird place. So, to avoid that, just do GameObject->Create Other->GUI Texture. You’ll see this game object has a position of (0.5,0.5,0), and a scale of (0,0,1) and the texture appears in the centre of the screen.