GUI Texture/Minimap Problems

I made a basic mini-map, which is just an orthographic camera positioned on the top-right of the screen. My problem is that the GUI texture border I made, and the mini-map its self, don’t fit in the screen. In the Unity game window the mini-map fits perfectly, but when I build it the mini-map gets cut off and the GUI texture is out of frame. So can someone give me an idea for a script that would keep the mini-map in the same spot, no matter screen size.

It is probably because you are calculating the gui position not screen related. You have to use Screen.width and Screen.height. For example, this gui button will always stay in the middle of the screen, no matter whats the screen size will be.

if (GUI.Button(new Rect(Screen.width/2 - 25, Screen.height/2 - 25, 50, 50), "Button")){}

If this is not the problem, post your code.