GUI works flawlessly in editor, but will not show in standalone build.

Hey everyone, I’m working on a project, and have a GUI menu setup.

Up until recently, it was working in the editor, as well as the standalone player.

However, now it’s only running in the editor, and nothing appears in the player.

I have no script errors (verified in the editor log, as well as the player log).

I’m currently using Unity 4.0.7, But loading the project in 4.1 had no effect.

A complete re-import of the project had no effect.

I’m at a loss, since it runs in the editor, clearly there are no script errors, yet it will not show in the standalone player.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, I figured mine out and it had nothing to do with OnGUI. My other programmer had set the object with all the GUI scripts to “EditorOnly” tag which meant the build wasn’t running it at all. Figured this out by putting Debug.Log(“GUI script running”); into void Start(). I assume this has nothing to do with the original persons question but who knows.