Hi everyone!

so i have a problem with my gui_textures when i select a png file and change it to a gui_texture i can't see it in both textures or game, so the cordinatees are right i checked them a hundred time. maybe it's the options i don't know!

please help me!

I'm not too sure how you changed it into a gui texture but here's some basic code you can use to attach your texture in the middle of the screen. Just paste it on your script and attach it to any component.

Note: Its in C#

public Texture2D myImage;
public imageWidth = 200;
public imageHeight = 200;

void OnGUI()
GUI.DrawTexture(new Rect( (Screen.width - imageWidth) *0.5f, Screen.height - (Screen.height - imageHeight) * 0.5, imageWidth, imageHeight), myImage);


Men thats complitly what i want! thanks!

*edit: but what do i need to set in the place of myimage, i made a gui_texture named GUI_lives but if i set that as image, he give me an error, please help me!