GUIBox fontSize without changing other labels?

Hi, I have this script that nicely changes the font size of my gui

	int fontSize = 100;
	void OnGUI () { = = = fontSize;
        GUI.Box (new Rect ((Screen.width/2) - 75,(Screen.height/2) + 50 - 50,150,100), "Test");


The problem is just, that it also changes the font size of other GUI’s from other scripts. How can I make only the GUI.Box’s font to be changed?

Thanks, Andreas :slight_smile:

Please help, everything has the font size 100 now and I can’t change it.

Although it’s not really advisable to alter a skin’s properties, you can achieve it via something like this:

var originalSize:int;
var mySize:int;
function Awake(){;

function OnGUI(){;
//GUI.Label calls here;

If you didnt solve your problem yet, try this:

void OnGUI(){;

GUI.Button(new rect(10,10,100,100),"Button1"));;

GUI.Button(new rect(10,10,100,100),"Button2"));;

GUI.Button(new rect(10,10,100,100),"Button3"));


hope it will help!! best