Guide in ArrayPrefs or PlayerPrefx?

I need to have a log in form, for multiple players and save their game level. The goal is to make a load game. Can i use ArrayPrefs in it? i'm really not familiar with arrayPrefs, i hope you can enlighten me with that. Or if there are other ways. I'm doing a Windows PC StandAlone game. Thanks a lot!

PlayerPrefs, going too be the easiest solution, if your data being saved is going too simple text, and you feel 1 meg is sufficient room for stored levels and what not, I would suggest it, its down right simple. if your talking about capturing the entire state of the level, IE: object position, healths, items held, ect ect ect. then Its a huge task, and it would involve some serious programming mojo, if you do a search here for Saved Arrays, or Save game state, you'll find others seeking such things.