[Guide me]First time going to export the app for windows

Hi there,

I know this is very silly question but i have other option.

I have done my game now i have to export my game to windows 8.1 phone and touch laptop. I have select the Windows8 and took build. But i didn't use any sdk for this i just took build.

My question is can i install that in my phone?. Is it possible how should i install in my windows phone and touch laptop?


Select Windows Store Apps platform and choose Universal SDK. You'll get Visual Studio solution.
Open the solution, select ARM architecture and build. Make phone project current and run (with phone connected it should offer you automatically to run on device).
To run on computer, build for x86 architecture and run the store project.

do i need any sdk like android ?

Have you read this doc - http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/windowsstore-gettingstarted.html, it has everything covered.

For Windows Phone 8 - http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/wp8-gettingstarted.html