Guide to import model and animation

I am a programmer most of all, so I’m not familiar with this stuff at all.

I’d just like a very simple guide on how to import a character from the asset store and make him do a simple walk cycle. So if anyone knows a good one for Unity beginners please post it here :slight_smile:

I’ve grown tired of looking at grey cubes and spheres…

Not that versed with the asset store, but importing a model with animation should be as simple as clicking Assets/Import New Asset and then pointing towards an .FBX file. I would assume that asset models bought off the 'store" are in .FBX format. If not maybe they are an asset package in which case you need to go to Assets/Import Package/Custom Package and then navigate tothe directory that holds the downloaded .unitypackage file.

If it’s and .FBX file be sure to include the animations on the import screen