Guides or Tutorials for a Very Basic Enemy AI? [Unity 5]

Hi there!! ^^
I’m on the making of a Very simple game for PC and Android! =)
I have almost everything set up except for my enemies.
For now, as this is a simple concept or “Alpha” of what this game will be about, the enemies are singular cubes, i want this cubes to patrol “Pre-Established” patrol points and if it sees the player on sight, it can be able of chasing him and eventually, on a single collision, end the game. (With out getting stuck on walls xP)
I have done some of the simple stuff like Re-Spawn for the player, make the player get destroyed on a collision with the enemies and so on … but i failed to develop some sort of system that allows the Enemy locate the player and go on his search :confused:
So i came here to see if any of you can share some “internet knowledge” with me and sending me to a page where i can find a decent tutorial on this matter. ^^ (Since the Stealth Tutorial [Where they talk about Enemy AI] doesn’t support Unity 5.X and it is developed with a WAY more complex system than my game)

For what i have read and seen on the previous investigation for this question, it should be the Enemy GameObject + movement script + trigger spherical collider + a “Detection Script”
But i do not have ANY idea of what to put on the detection script and how to making it related to the enemy movement u.u … Also … that stuff of the NavMesh got me a little confused.
Thank you so much for any kind of help!! :'3
(My apologies if the description is too long xP)

IMHO, NavMesh is out of scope of a very basic AI. The detect script is essentially the trigger collider

if col.tag = "Player"
// do stuff like chase

Movement and waypoints are covered many times in UA, Google, YouTube, other; search first, indicate what you’ve tried and post with specifics and your relevant script code.