GUILayout.Label won't show image

I am trying to make a kind of intro that has an image and a line of text under/above it.
The text works fine, but the image won’t show. Image is 1024x1024 px. image1 is defined in the editor with a .png image.


#pragma strict

var skin:GUISkin;
//public var isPaused:boolean = false;
//public var introPage:float = 0;
public var wait1:float = 0;
public var wait2:float = 0;
public var currentMessage:String = "";
public var currentImage:Texture;
public var image1:Texture;

function Start () {
	currentMessage = "Drink up!";
	currentImage = image1;
	yield WaitForSeconds(wait1); //wait for seconds in wait1
	currentMessage = "HA. HA. HA. >:D";
	yield WaitForSeconds(wait2); //wait for seconds in wait2

function Update () {


function OnGUI() { = skin;
		GUILayout.BeginArea(Rect((Screen.width / 2) - Screen.width / 4, (Screen.height / 2) - Screen.height / 4, Screen.width / 2, Screen.height / 2));


Current Result:

alt text

AFAIK, well, I can’t figure it out.

In the GUI Skin, I created a new style, set the Image Position to Image Only, and assigned that style to the image GUILayout.Label. It allowed the image to show, but not be centered… yet