GUIskin and c#, How?


Im trying to get a GUIskin to work with this bit of code but it doesnt want to, The code:

public class Menu : MonoBehaviour {
	float screenX = (Screen.width / 2) - 100;
	float screenY = (Screen.height / 2) - 100;
	public GUISkin MenuStyle;
	public bool exitButtonPress = false;
	public bool settingsButton = false;
	public bool settingsSoundButton = false;
	public bool settingsGraphicsButton = false;
	public bool windowBool = Screen.fullScreen;
	void OnGUI ()
	{ = MenuStyle;
		GUI.Label(new Rect((screenX + 50),25,100,30),"Game Title");
		GUILayout.BeginArea(new Rect(25,25,400,400));

MenuStyle is the name of the Guiskin in Unity. But neither the GUI. or GUIlayout objects will get the style.

How is it done?


How do you set the MenuStyle property? Are you assigning the skin to it in the editor?