GUISkin Label colors

Hello everybody.

This is one of those topics you are embarrassed to open. But I have to, I’m trapped in a nonsense. The problem is related to a weird problem with the colors in GUI.Labels. Let me explain to us:

I have some labels working similarly to buttons. The idea is to make them turn green on hover while they are gray in normal state. This seems easy with GUISkin, I already did it with some buttons. But no, it’s not working. And the weirdest thing is that other properties, such as font type (bold, italic, etc.) still work. And wait, the supra-weirdest thing is that with one label/skin I can change the color on normal state and he next next screen’s label/skin isn’t getting no color property, just plain white!

I don’t know what to expect as answer, just maybe somebody sees something I’m missing.

Hugs to everybody,


Look at