GUIskin lost changes

I have a problem with GUISkins.

I set up changes for a GUISkin then I save the project. After that if i change scene all the changes of the GUISkin i made previously are lost.

This is really annoying, but i really couldn’t find how to fix it.

I hope you can help me. I know that GUISkin changes are saved after every change, but i don’t know what’s the problem that a i lose the changes everytime.

Thanks in advice

Okay i fix’d it.

First of all i went to Preferences and i checked the option: “Verify Saving Assets”.

Second i realized i wasn’t using the real GUISkin Editor. I was using some plugin i didn’t remember i downloaded and that had the porpouse to show me a preview of every part of the Skin. The problem that every change you make in this plugin aren’t notified by the “Verify Saving Assets” so they’re lost.

What did i do? I right-clicked in the left-up-corner from the editor and i change from Normal to Debug and i got the normal editor for GUISkins. Now everytime i change something and i press Control+S it tells me that the skins were modified.

I hope that this is useful for somebody.