GUISkin not working in platform tutorial

I am on the section start at page 56, the Start Menu GUI. I've done everything the tutorial said to do, including copy/pasting the code from the PDF to make sure I don't mistype anything.

For some reason the StartMenuGUI's GSkin property isn't recognizing the LerpzTutorialSkin property even though I have it linked. I am getting the "StartMenuGUI: GUI Skin object missing!" message in the console, and none of the properties from the GUISkin are being respected by the script. The font isn't being used, the specified images aren't being used for the background or the buttons.

I figured out the problem. The tutorial is not clear on this, though it should be clarified.

The tutorial says this: "Finally, inside the StartMenuGUI component, set GSkin to LerpzTutorialSkin and Backdrop to StartSplashScreen."

However, I was setting those properties to the original StartMenuGUI script rather than the StartMenuGUI COMPONENT of the Main Camera. It does say "Default References" so I would still expect it to work by doing it that way, but it doesn't.