GUIText and GUITexture?

Why is it that GUIText and GUITexture dont work in Unity 4.6 any more?
I have been trying to make them show on screen for 2 days now, I did a lot of research and couldn’t find fix to this.
Only Mash Text works.

Or em I so big of a noobe that even after watching 20 video tutorials, still cant make GUIText and GUITexture to show on screen at all, not in screen seen or in game play.

GUIText and GUITexture work in Unity 4.6 same as always. There’s no difference in how they’re used. The only difference in the editor is that their menu creation shortcuts are removed, so you need to add the components separately. They use viewport coords, not world space coords.

Im not sure what you asking for but in unity 4.6 and in unity 5 is GUI very good, very easy, I dont see there GUI Texture but there GUI Text , and if you want Texture you can easy use GUI Button and there you can attach some texture, you all making in scene and you see everything. Really simple.

Try making a canvas object first. Then add you UI and zoom to the canvas by pressing “F”.
Move the text or image around to a position that is good for you. It should work.
Sometimes the text when added goes outside of the canvas. I had the same problem.