GUIText appear too small on game screen

I have a problem where no matter how big I set the size of the GUIText, it remains the same miniature size on my phone. It is anchored to the upper left of the screen.
I attached the GUIText to a normal game object.
The script Im using is-

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ScoreSystem : MonoBehaviour {

	static int score = 0;
	static int highScore = 0;

	static public void AddPoint(){

				if (score > highScore) {
						highScore = score;
	void Start() {
		PlayerPrefs.GetInt("highScore", 0);
	void OnDestroy(){
		PlayerPrefs.SetInt ("highScore", highScore);
		PlayerPrefs.Save ();
		score = 0;
	void Update () {
		guiText.text = "S:" + score +  "

HS:" + highScore;



If you are using a dynamic font, then try: