GUIText not working properly with a timer.

I’m trying to make a Timer Via GUIText heres my code that I attached to the GUI Text

 private var startTime 			: int = 15 ;   // start time in minutes.
private var passedTime 		;
private var minutes 			: int ;
private var seconds 			: int ;

function Awake()
	// Adjusting time from minutes to seconds.
	startTime = startTime * 60; 

function Update()
	var theTime : String ;
	var timer ;
	timer = startTime ; 
	passedTime = timer - Time.time ; 

	minutes = passedTime / 60 ; 
	seconds = passedTime % 60 ;

	theTime = String.Format ("{0:00}:{1:00}", minutes, seconds); 

but When I go into debug mode the text just says “GUI Text” What Am I doing wrong? also I got the code from a forum thread that I read.

You are never assigning theTime to the GUIText’s text string. Either make the GUIText a public variable and assign it with the Inspector, then set it, or use GameObject.Find in Startup to get a handle on it.

public var myText : GUIText; // set in inspector

  myText.text = theTime;

BTW: You are subtracting the current time from start time, which will always be negative, try reversing that.