GUItext not working

I have been trying to get my GUItext to work in Unity, but it never shows up and I can’t figure out why. AI spent two hours sifting through the forums about why it wasn’t working and it never helped me. There is some code attached to the GUItext, but it isn’t doing anything relevant, but I’ll put it in anyway.
Because of certain limitations I had to take the screenshots with my phone, and not on the computer.


#pragma strict

function Start () {
public var StartLifeMax = 10;
private var StartLife = StartLifeMax;

function Update () {
var LifeMax = StartLifeMax;
var LifeCurrent = LifeMax;

guiText.text = ""+LifeMax+"/"+LifeCurrent;

Also my previous question on the same topic was deleted without any notification.

u must to inicialize this “var” to string:

public var StartLifeMax : String = 10;
 private var StartLife : String = StartLifeMax;

but if u nned this integer, icrement like “int”.