GUIText Problem With MENU

I wanted to create a button that when you press start the level 1 will load. then if i click Options a Sprite picture will appear and disappear when options is click.
then Quit if quit is press. I use a Sprite as a button and GUItext as the Text and I create a Empty Game object and called it StartButton and but them all in here. It’s kinda sucks that im confuse for how to start the coding so if somone could help me It would be such a great help! Thankyouuuuuuu in advance XD

#pragma strict

var Start : GUIText;

var Options : GUIText;

var Exit : GUIText;

function OnMouseEnter()


 Start.color =;

 	 Options.color =;

 Exit.color =;


function OnMouseExit()


Start.color = Color.white;

  Options.color = Color.white;

    Exit.color = Color.white;


Button press

Load scene

Application quit