GUITexture and GameObject OnMouseDown() Problem

Greetings. I am having difficulty trying to figure out how to click on a GUITexture onscreen without activating a GameObject’s OnMouseDown() if that GameObject is covered by the GUITexture. The idea is that I click on the GameObject, which brings up a menu above it (The GUITexture(s)) that I can interact with; however, clicking on the GUITexture(s) seems to activate the OnMouseDown() of the GameObject, which intentionally causes the menu to disappear (I only want the menu to disappear when the part of the object that is showing is clicked; otherwise, I’d like anything covered by the menu to not be activated). What is the best way to fix this problem?

I think you should place the GUI script parts on you camera.

Then on click of the game object make a boolean true, which will make you see the GUI.

Your GUI will be part of the Camera on which you can’t click.