GUITexture and GUIText on android

I’m using Unity3d to develope an android game.
In the game I have a shop which will use a lot of GUI elements.

now when I show about 10 GUITexture(icon of the goods) and 10 GUIText(price of the goods), I get 30FPS on the android device.

when i add another 10 GUIText(name of the goods),It goes to 15FPS.

I did’t use the UnityGUI which will call the OnGUI function, it’s more slower.

any idea to solve this problem? thanks.

Even if you don’t use OnGUI, you’ll still get 1 draw call per GUITexture (check stats on the game window). Depending on the device, too many draw calls can kill your framerate. The only solution to this is using a GUI manager such as NGUI, EZGUI, or a bunch of others. I recently had a similar problem, and after some asking and reading around, it seems NGUI is currently the favoured option (good price/ease of use/functionality ratio).

I’ve used EZ GUI on a few commercial projects, so I’d like to give that a +1. It did take a little while to get my head round it though!

Have a read through this forum, there’s frequent discussions about the various GUI managers :slight_smile: