GUITexture click detection problem

I’ve run into a very odd problem. I want to make a GUITexture clickable as a button. Sounds easy? Just add the an OnMouseUp function to it and its done?

Well, the problem is that no matter what I do only the far left part of the texture is clickable. Nothing else. I cant figure out whats wrong. I simply Create GUITexture, and add a script that has nothing but the OnMouseUp function that prints “Click” to the console. Thats all.

I ialso find it odd that when I create the GUITexture the handles arent in the centre of it, but off to the left… thats normal?

Edit: Okay, it seems the problem appears because I use two cameras to split the screen verically… So the question would be, how to make GUITextures work with two cameras?

Make a third camera that covers the entire screen, is drawn on top of the other cameras, and only displays GUI elements. The other two cameras should not have a GUI layer component.