GUItexture did not disappear after 10 seconds

HELP !! my defense is on friday but my game does not totally work.

i destroy the object then GUItexture will appear but i want after 10 seconds the GUITexture will disappear. Please i need help …
thank you so much.

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) {

    gameObject.Find("balisong").GetComponent("GUITexture").enabled = true;

IEnumerator ShowGuiTexture(balisong, 10 )


  if( balisong == null )

    yield break;

  GUITexture.enabled = true;

  yield return new WaitForSeconds( 10);

   GUITexture.enabled = false;


Ok, sorry to say this, but your code is nonsense. Here’s what I would do:

function OnTriggerEnter() {
    GameObject.Find("balisong").GetComponent("GUITexture").enabled = true;
     GameObject.Find("balisong").GetComponent.<TextureFlashScript>().Invoke("HideGUI", 10);