GUItexture displayed after al triggers activated

Hello I would like to know how I would be able to activate a gui texture after all triggers are activated. Such as when the player activates three triggers I would like to display a gui texture, but only after all three of the triggers are activated. Thanks.

Trigger needs a collider with the property istrigger enable then implement a script attached to these gameobject with the method OnTriggerEnter(Collider col){your stuff; activated = true;}
Which a boolean set to false inside the class and public as well. Then your player need the three gameobject script reference.
And call this on the three ref:

Bool a = Gobj1. GetComponent(scriptname).activated;
Bool b = Gobj2 GetComponent(scriptname).activated;
Bool c = Gobj3. GetComponent(scriptname).activated;

If (a&&b&&c){
do something;
Set activate vars to false if you intend to repeat this;

Sorry if there is mistakes…