GUITexture doesn't appear

Good evening,

GUI Texture is giving me some hard time. When I try to add some (GameObject → Create Other → GUI Texture) I can’t see anything.

I already read and tried all solutions I could find (which all look to those two threads) :
and I also read unity documentation about it, but it doesn’t help.

So basically: my main camera has its component GUILayer enable, X and Y position are between 0 and 1 (as you can see in the screenshot), I tried to create a new project to check what’s different but nothing appears (not even Unity Logo), I tried to attach my GUI Texture to an object. I also attached a green texture to it but it didn’t help.

Here is a screenshot that shows everything
alt text

Does anyone have a clue ?

Thanks a lot : )

GUI Textures are only visible in game view.