guiTexture.enabled (am I an idiot???)

hey guys,

i am doing here a little project,
i attached this c# script to the maincam object:

	public GUITexture Beenden;

	void Update () {
			Beenden.enabled = true;
		//	Beenden.pixelInset = new Rect(Screen.width/2, Screen.height/2, 600, 600);
			Time.timeScale = 0;		

so i added my favored guiTexture as value to “Beenden” and in the Unity Enviroment,
but when i press Escape it doesn´t enable it. First I thougt that it didn´t get into the if-statement, but i did a print command and that worked very well.

hope you can help me,
and sorry for bad english.

enabled just says if this component is updated anymore or not.
It seems to me, that you dont want to control the update behaviour but you want to turn on and off the whole GUITexture object?!
In this case, simply work with .active for the gameobject instead of .enabled