GUITexture not corresponding with position

Hello guys!

I have a slight but annoying issue I hope you can help me with. Basically I am trying to make some GUITexture-buttons for my game, to appear at the end of a round - the standard “play again” v “return to menu” stuff.
The buttons work, I guess, but the area in which I need to click is not on the texture itself, but completely to the left of it!
Even stranger, the more I move the GUITexture to the left, the more ‘accurate’ it becomes.

my code is a very simple (pseudocode:)

function OnMouseUp(){
//return to menu

…and the GUIbuttons with the same code work in the main menu, just not in my game-scene. Can anyone help?

I think I got it fixed - the issue was, I think, that the camera for some reason had its viewport width set to 0.7. This was not so in the menu scene where the buttons did work, and after correcting it the buttons seem to be working as intended!
Hope this helps someone else out there!