GuiTexture over Gui

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to creat a button over a GUItexture, I have a kind of background (it’s a GUITexture) and I would like to have my pause button (also a GUITexture) over this background and I don’t know how to do it…

If you have an idea I’ll try !!!


GUI.Depth I’d the code

The higher number is always on top

Eg GUI.Depth =1

The capital letters may be wrong as I’m on my phone atm.

I believe all you need to do is adjust the z position to a lower number to put the button on top

its noted at the bottom…

Tks guys, I’m such an as* **le I don’t even try the z position, I was just trying to create a script for this … Yes I’m a noob in development :slight_smile:

Dasherz GUI.depth doesn’t seems to work for GUItexture, I try this :

var texturedepth :float;
 function start {

But it works well with the z position.

Thanks again guys !!!